All Star Opera’s 2nd Annual Seattle World Tour (Night 2)

Neumos Presents

All Star Opera’s 2nd Annual Seattle World Tour (Night 2)

TeZATalks, MistaDC, Sendai Era, DJ Marvelous

Wednesday 1/9

8:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

All Star Opera
Based out of SEATTLE, All Star Opera at surface level is a Hip-Hop/Soul band.

Listen a little closer and one will find a collective of artists balancing a diversity of talents and influences. Two emcees, Flow Carter and Oz + a four-piece band play back and forth creating a vivid sound migrating between genres with both attitude and grace. This is Hip-Hop. This is Soul. This is a collective experience being channeled by a band of brothers in groove. This is a full moon in the middle of the day. Or as the six-fingered beast says, this is All Star Opera.

Carla Bell wrote in June 2018 for the Tacoma News-Tribune:

“Take Miles Davis and hope, Anthony Kiedis and a journey, Kahlua and cream and confidence, your best Nicaraguan cigar and slippers, a cozy, dimly lit corner booth, a soft rain Sunday afternoon and Weezer, a little heated massage oil and Black Thought and those hanging, beaded room dividers.

Now, pour that in your ear.

With a sound just that distinct yet familiar but also fresh, All Star Opera is like a new old friend.”

She’s not wrong.

All Star Opera is the nexus where groovy, meets a rock star hustle; for the last two years the six-fingered beast has been tearing through the Pacific Northwest music scene. Since dropping their debut EP (2016) + LP (2017), the band has played 50+ shows all over the western United States, unleashing the magic at clubs, parties and many notable music festivals. To top it off, All Star Opera was voted Seattle Weekly’s ‘Best Band in Seattle’ 2017. With ASO the goals are simple, make great music and have fun while doing it.
There’s something to say about an artist who can leave it all on the table and make you feel more empowered about sharing your own shortcomings. TeZA, meaning reap what you harvest, has broken through the streaming ceiling by remaining raw and relatable in her own unique way.

Her music makes you feel as though she is having a conversation with you, at the same time providing powerhouse anthems to make it through your day. After releasing her Chaos e.p in early 2017; revered as a redefinition of electronic music, TeZATalks has created a world of her own for her fans, with her captivating lyrics and undefined sound.

The versatility in her artistry and music gives a “fresh” and recharging vibe in today’s music, leaving fans and future listeners eagerly anticipating where she will take us all next.

The Alt-electronic artist also invites us into her world of monsters. Showcasing another side of her Artistry TeZA’s Closet is an extension of love full of abstract pieces that distinctly reflect people and experiences in her life. The art expressively portrays her perception and visual interpretation of emotions paired with “trippy" and vibrant color schemes inspired by graffiti culture and surrealism. “ The monsters were never in my head” seen at the top of TeZA’s Closet Instagram page give spectators a clue into the riveting and alluring art that TeZa attributes as therapy in her life, challenging all to face and reveal what they may have hiding in their own closet.
As Seattle artists continue to attempt to break into the national scene, few are better positioned to make the leap than vocalist MistaDC. The 23-year-old is the consummate embodiment of an artist, using his raspy voice to transform love, loss and his personal tribulations into enthralling melodies. Each track in his catalogue displays his inherent ability to craft relatable music by fusing his favorite sounds from childhood – be it Jazz, Soul or Pop Punk – with contemporary production and sensibilities. Despite his youth, MistaDC wields immense talent that, when combined with his innate sensuality, has inspired comparisons to many contemporary Soul favorites including D’Angelo and Maxwell. Be sure to stay tuned for more funk, more soul and more unfettered emotions, as the vocalist brings his evergreen love story to the world.
Sendai Era
Sendai Era is a Seattle based music duo of emcee Era and producer Sendai Mike. Their music combines electronic pop elements with hip hop and aims to highlight the experiences of Asian American artists while focusing on the overlooked stories of immigrant communities.
Venue Information:
925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA, 98122