Erik Blood

Neumos Presents

Erik Blood

Western Haunts, Season of Strangers, OC Notes

Thursday 6/8

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $14.00

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Erik Blood
Erik Blood is a Seattle-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter. His production work and collaborations with some of the Northwest's favorite artists (TheeSatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, Moondoggies, The Lights, The Turn-Ons among others) have garnered praise from music journalists and fans alike.

In May 2009, Erik Blood released his first solo album "The Way We Live". The album debuted at number one on KEXP's variety chart and was hailed by The Stranger upon it's release: "Crafted with care and expertly produced, The Way We Live seems destined to attain pop-classic status."

Erik next released "Music From the Center of Gravity" - a full-length film soundtrack, his first. Mixing dreamy ambient soundscapes, textured synths, and anchored by three lush pop songs - the score serves as the backdrop to the moody Sao Paolo set film "Centro de Gravidade". Directed by Steven Richter, the film premiered at the Sao Paulo Film Festival in Fall 2011.

After a busy period of producing, mixing, and engineering a variety of projects for artists like Crypts and Stephanie, Erik returned with his second LP "Touch Screens" in 2012. The twelve tracks of "Touch Screens" explore pornography from the points of view of the participants, viewers and creators. Ranging from "blistering shoegazer psych-rock to hazy dream-pop" (Don Yates - KEXP) on "Touch Screens" Erik Blood again demonstrates his formidable skills as a songwriter and a producer.

Erik has recently completed work on Shabazz Palaces highly anticipated follow-up "Lese Majesty" - due out July 29th on Sub Pop, as well as a brand new LP from TheeSatisfaction due out later this year on SubPop. Erik is currently finalizing completion of another film score, as well cooking up another batch of his own material that he is currently previewing in live shows in the Seattle area.
Western Haunts
Fueled by uprising and in the spirit of the folk revival music tradition, Western Haunts' moody, psych-tinged fourth release, The Ambassador E.P., follows in the footsteps of its predecessor's expansive, anthemic song craft, the Utøya E.P.(2011). Recorded and produced by the band in a collection of storage units along a dilapidated stretch of Seattle highway, The Ambassador E.P. (OUT JULY 2012) is a collection of songs penned for the disenfranchised and a sonic wash of populist zeal.

Western Haunts' musical progression from reverb drenched, Americana into a driving, psychedelic rock outfit continues to evolve on The Ambassador E.P. The band's knack for layering lush organ and vocal soundscapes with pulsing, percussive, rhythms and spiraling guitar lines, blanket the listener in sound on the new release. Ominous lyrical themes weave a cautionary tale of living in a rich eats poor world of talking heads, crooks, cronies and inequity. On the eve of Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday and the twilight of a turbulent period of global unrest, Western Haunt's latest work poses the question of what do we do the morning after.

Western Haunts released their 2nd full length album Shed Your Summer Shell in the fall of 2010, receiving critical praise and national CMJ radio airplay. The following summer stirred by the tragic events that took place in Norway and Japan, Western Haunts returned to the studio to record new material and release the Utøya E.P. in honor and celebration of their friends and family whose homes were impacted by tragedy.

With lazy melodies, lush guitars and thundering toms, Western Haunts' Alt-Country sound is a call to Midwestern revival, drenched in reverb and the ambience of shoe-gaze music. Western Haunts' music and lyricist Jake Witt's songs about lost summers in the rural Rust Belt and ghost stories from his Midwestern roots recently caught the attention of music attorney Gillian Barr (Arcade Fire, The National, The Decemberists) and tastemaker John Richards (KEXP 90.3FM).

Western Haunts music can be heard across the nation on CMJ radio stations and programming on MTV and FUEL TV. Live, Western Haunts have been playing bills with artists the likes of Jessica Lea Mayfield (Nonesuch Records) Moondoggies (Hardly Art) Frontier Ruckus (Ramseur Records) and Motopony, as well as in-studio performances on KEXP and currated shows by Seattle's City Arts Magazine and Seattle Weekly.
Season of Strangers
Coming from Seattle, one might expect Season of Strangers to be purveyors of heavy duty, in your face, angst. Which in all honesty couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, their spectral deities and ethereal passages are reminiscent of 4AD luminaries Pale Saints or Lush…"
-Dom Gourlay, Drowned In Sound

In the summer of 2014, Season of Strangers was the side project of Mandy McGee [Blackpool Astronomy ] and Lino T. Fernandez, [Dignitaries, Bandolier].
The project was to gain a fever pitch when Fernandez' former project, Bandolier disbanded in September of the same year. The timing was perfect to put their cooperative energies into what Lino describes as "a more aggressive noisy pop band."

Self described as 'Shoegaze,' Season of Strangers brings a color and depth to the well established Seattle shoegaze scene that is progressive and refreshing. John Rooney of Ball of Wax 39 describes their sounds as " times both the crooked fuzz of Archers of Loaf and Superchunk and the flanger, pedal-drenched dreaminess of Cocteau Twins and The Cure."

Season of Strangers is a departure from the '60s infused 'Garage Rock' stylings of Fernandez' former projects. The project takes Seattle shoegaze head on with the standard wall of sound ubiquitous to the genre, upping the ante with the lilting complexity of Mandy McGee's whirling keyboards, angelic vocals colliding effortlessly with Lino's classic dark timbre, thus bringing a depth and serenity to their sound that is as much at home with early '90s 'Dream Pop' as it is with bands the caliber and tone of My Bloody Valentine.

The band, made up of Mandy McGee on keys and vox, Lino T. Fernandez on guitar and vox, Jesse Bynum on bass vi, Joel J. Sayson on bass and Samir Baillie on drums, have already played a host of sought after venues in the region with some of Seattle's most high profile bands and have been signed to Dallas, Texas record label Moon Sounds Records. To date, Season of Strangers has shared the stage with Erik Blood, Vibragun and The West, courting new fans at Barboza, The Highline, Conor Byrne and the venerable Sunset Tavern to name a few. Their self-titled album, released in the summer of 2015 has already seen radio play on Seattle's own KEXP 90.3 FM, NWCZ [Tacoma] and DKFM [California].
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