Ariel Pink

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Ariel Pink


Saturday 10/21

8:00 pm

$28.75 - $31.75

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Ariel Pink
Los Angeles’s prodigal songwriting son Ariel Pink shares his eleventh studio album, dedicated to Bobby Jameson, September 15.

The album’s title makes a direct and heartfelt reference to a real-life L.A. musician, long presumed dead, who resurfaced online in 2007 after 35 reclusive years to pen his autobiography and tragic life story in a series of blogs and YouTube tirades. “His book and life resonated with me to such a degree,” Pink states, “that I felt a need to dedicate my latest record to him.”

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson begins at the end and ends at the beginning. “We follow the protagonist through a battery of tests and milestones, the first of which sees him reborn into life out of death,” Pink explains, referencing the opening track “Time To Meet Your God.” “From there, he seesaws his way between the innocent love and the rock-solid edifice of childhood-worn trauma that together constitute his lifelong initiation into the realm of artifice and theatrical disposability.”

Building upon his singular vision of pop songcraft, established by such seminal records as The Doldrums, Worn Copy, House Arrest, Loverboy, Before Today, Mature Themes, and pom pom, Pink revisits themes that have haunted his sonic cinemascapes since the late 1990s: mismanaged dreams, west coast mythologies, itinerant criminals, haunted boulevards, Hollywood legends, the impermanence of romance, bubblegum artifice, movie stardom, childhood terror, acceptance of self, and narcissism projected through a celluloid filter of controversion.
Telecaves revisit devices and techniques of the analog age to create dark and expansive sound collages that are as heavy as they are ethereal. Harsh meets ambient. Founded in Los Angeles in 2013, the duo of Juliette Amoroso and Elaine Carey honor the experimental approach and unconventional instrumentation of their predecessors. Their seemingly psychic improvisation, haunting, otherworldly aesthetic and unique, visceral performances have earned them shared stages with such prominent artists as Kim Gordon and Bill Nace’s Body/Head, Xiu Xiu, Gate (Michael Morley of the Dead C), and noise legends Smegma. Currently divided between Portland and Los Angeles, telecaves have plans to record a forthcoming LP, their full length debut.
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